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Glossary of Terms

environmental performance
How we perform environmentally compared to bench marks set against National policy categories.
Works undertaken on a site (usually buildings) which enhance its value.
interior construction
Internal building works to include construction, refurbishment and refits.
mechanical services
Any building service using machines. They include plumbing, elevators, escalators, and heating and air-conditioning systems. The introduction of mechanization in buildings in the early 20th century brought about major adjustments; the new equipment demanded floor space, and the design team began to include electrical and HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning) engineers. Heating and cooling changed dramatically. Modern buildings, with their large heat gains, turned central heating into little more than a supplement. Heat removal is a much more serious burden, especially in warm weather. The roofs of high-rises are occupied by cooling towers and mechanical penthouses; entire floors are often dedicated to the containment of blowers, compressors, water chillers, boilers, pumps, and generators.
planned maintenance
Scheduled maintenance visits carried out by competent and suitable personnel.
Project Management
A contract for the total management of a construction project by an independent person or organisation which is responsible for all aspects of design, documentation, contractual arrangements, inspections and certification of work for payment and of completion on behalf of the proprietor.
property maintenence
The upkeep of a property or a building.
The upgrading of a building’s fabric and services with the aim of enhancing its ability to attract tenants, improve rental growth and maximise market value.
The trade of fitting out retail shops and stores with equipment, fixtures and fittings.
A parcel of land which is undeveloped or underdeveloped.
Under Construction
Buildings which are currently being developed. A building is deemed to be under construction when development proceeds beyond the laying of footings.